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Are you an influencer or content creator looking to partner with a brand that cares about your content as much as you do?


Hey there 🥰 

We're SHINE FIT - nice to meet you!

We are looking for awesome, passionate creators like YOU! 


Signs we'd be a good fit:

✅  You have an entrepreneurial spirit and go above and beyond for things you care about

✅  You share content that raises awareness about exercising to feel good, mental health, developing a positive body image, healthy eating habits, being unapologetically yourself, confidence or topics related to self-esteem (i.e. perfectionism, imposter syndrome, over-achieving, just to name a few...)

✅  You don't ever want to send a "Hey girl' DM (working with us is an exciting opportunity, but not that kind)


Hard No's for SHINE:

🚩  Physical transformation pictures / any sort of physical before & after

🚩  What I eat in a day / calorie counting / nutrition recommendations

🚩  Workout reviews or shared with calories burned or "spot reduction" focus

If that's you, no hard feelings - we just aren't the right company for you :)

Ways to Get Involved

Reach Out

  • Send us a DM on Instagram explaining why you're interested in working together (1-3 sentences)

  • Make sure you're following us so you can see our response!

  • Not sure if we're the right fit & want to chat? Send us a DM anyways with your questions :)

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