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fitness for ambitious women


Meet local women & make like-minded friends.

If you're struggling with body image, consistency and motivation, our community will cheer you on and help you feel motivated from anywhere!

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  • 1:1 Messaging with an expert fitness coach

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Investment options

  • Studio VIP Membership

    Every 4 weeks
    Unlimited in studio sessions + all member benefits
    • Studio Membership

      Every 4 weeks
      3 Studio Sessions/Week + All member benefits
      • Studio Membership (Bi-Weekly)

        Every 2 weeks
        3 Studio Sessions/Week + All member benefits
        • Studio Hybrid Membership

          Every 4 weeks
          8 In studio sessions/month + all member benefits.
          • Studio Drop In Membership

            Every 4 weeks
            Perfect if you want to combine SHINE with other training
            • 1x Weekly Studio Training (4 classes/month)
            • Unlimited livestream classes
            • Unlimited On Demand + Replay Classes
            • Members-only community group
            • Assigned fitness coach for 1:1 support
            • Weekly Check In
            • Mindset training library

          Pay In Full

          Know you want to commit? Make an investment in your health and commitment to yourself by paying in full for 3, 6 or 12 months.


          Discount Rates:

          • 3 Months PIF - 1/2 month free 

          • 6 Months PIF - 1 month free (~20% total discount) - i.e. pay for 5 months, get the 6th free

          • 12 Months PIF - 2 months free (~20% total discount) - i.e. pay for 10 months, get the 6th free


          If you're interested in paying in full, please contact our team directly via Instagram DM @shinefitco or email to for next steps. This is an especially great option if you write off your health expenses or can submit it through work benefits because you only have to do the paperwork once.


          We have a 15% Student Discount. Please email proof of Full Time Enrolment to Discount cannot be applied retro-actively. 

          Financial Assistance

          If you are in a difficult financial situation, from post-secondary studies, low income, recently immigrating, etc... we have financial assistance options available. Our Bursary Program is need based. If money is a barrier to signing up, please apply for a bursary. You never know until you know!

          Group Programming

          If you're interested in Corporate Events, Workshops, Private Classes, or Programming for a group larger than 10 people (i.e. dance/sports team, studio, company, etc), please send an email to with your request and we will send you a quote within 3 business days. If you're looking for our regular membership programming for a large group, you can expect a 10-20% discount.

          • The other instructors are so good, and I don't think I'll ever be able to teach like them.
            Of course not! They teach like them, and you'll teach like YOU. We don't want instructors that are carbon copies of one another. That would be so terrible to have a company where every instructor looks the same, talks the same, and does the same things! You are special because you're YOU. There is nobody else in the world that will be able to motivate, inspire, and connect with the participants you're meant to help. We want you exactly as you are! Come be your weird, crazy, silly self - it's not a game of comparison or competition. You don't need to be like another instructor to be an amazing instructor. It's way more fun to try and be a first-rate version of yourself than a second-rate version of somebody else!
          • I don't think I'm fit enough.
            Being an awesome fitness instructor has nothing to do with your fitness level, it's all about how well you can inspiring and motivating others!! being "perfect" or super fit is not motivating, but being real and authentic and trying your best is! #confessions of a fitness instructor: Instructors take lots of lower impact options/show modifications so they can cheer people on and yell and explain exercises while they move. You might not notice it - but they are showing the options for themselves, just as much as for their participants! If you can make it through a SHINE class doing most of the mid-level options, some low impact, and some more intense options, you can teach a SHINE class.
          • I don't know if I can remember that much choreography!
            Try not to compare another instructor's year 5 to your year 0. The tracks in our library don't rotate; we just add more and more and more over time.That means, once you've done a track enough times, it will become muscle memory and you won't have to actively think about the moves. That's why some instructors seem like they don't have to think about it and they just know the moves - it's muscle memory! When you first start, expect you'll mix up choreo, do the wrong moves, and possibly even revert to jogging on the spot until you remember - every instructor has been there! You don't have to be perfect to inspire people or lead a class. Participants don't want a perfect, model-like, know-it-all fitness guru. That's intimidating and unattainble. They want someone REAL they can relate to - that means being imperfect! That means sweating and making mistakes and NOT being able to execute every move flawlessly. Trust us, you WILL be able to learn and memorize all the choreography you need to. We will teach you all our tips & tricks to learn and remember choreography!
          • I don't have enough experience
            Of course you don't have experience - you haven't started yet! We will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to be an amazing SHINE Instructor. Everyone starts with zero experience. Ask Jess about the first time she taught a class... she is the first one to tell you she thought she was gonna poop her pants from nerves and forgot more choreo than she remembered! Don't be alarmed - that won't happen to you! This is why our training and certification process is so detailed, and has such an emphasis on practical training not theory. We are going to physically do all of the things required to teach a class, so on your first day you feel confident and ready to rock it. We will not certify someone we aren't 110% sure will CRUSH IT. If you're willing to put yourself out there and you care about helping others, instructing is for you. Take the leap and believe in yourself - this opportunity could seriously change your life❤️
          • I'm afraid I'll embarrass myself
            Starting anything new means putting yourself out there. It means you might "fail" - but what does failure actually mean? Is it a failure to make a million tiny mistakes, look silly while you learn something new, and do something different? Or is it a bigger failure to not try at all? If you're afraid you'll embarrass yourself, let's reframe that mindset. What you're feeling is the feeling of finding the edge of your comfort zone. It means you're excited. It means you're taking the leap into something new. EMBRACE that nervous-excited energy. You won't embarrass yourself. Working with SHINE means you are working with an established, reputable brand. We would not put our name behind anyone we suspect will discredit the amazing community and brand we've been building since March 2020. If you are accepted into training, it means we know you have what it takes to be amazing!
          • How long is training?
            Expect to spend 8-10hours over two weeks of training. Currently, our training runs in cohorts and is a mixture of on demand videos and synchronous "Office Hours". There is 4 hours of CORE video content, and you should expect to spend 8-10 hours total watching the content and practicing the skills taught. You will have two weeks to complete all the video content and assigned exercises.
          • What will I learn in training?
            We will teach you everything you need to know to be an awesome SHINE Instructor. The CORE FOUR modules are: 1. SHINE 101: What is Instructing all about? 2. Learning to Teach: Cueing & Choreo 3. How to run a class: playlist, intro/outro, safety, participant success, and more. 4. Taking it to the next level: personal branding, business skills & building a community After the CORE FOUR, as an instructor, you will get access to ongoing training & development modules to continue your growth as an instructor. You have unlimited access to all the training materials for as long as you are an instructor.
          • What if I can't finish all the training modules in time?
            Before signing up for training, make sure you have 10 hours you can set aside for training time. Training is a serious commitment, and we expect that you will self-manage to get the training done in time. Do not do training during a stressful time (i.e. moving, final exams, busy season at work). You will be able to finish all of the modules in two weeks if you set aside 10 hours. In extenuating circumstances (i.e. family emergency, personal situation, mental health, etc), please contact SHINE about an extension and we can figure out a solution that works for you.
          • Is training open to anyone?
            Absolutely! Being a current SHINE member is not required to become an instructor. However, we are looking for people who have experience taking SHINE classes and a personal connection to the brand. We do not recommend applying if you have never taken a SHINE class in your life. Familiarity with the tracks, format, and brand are essential to being able to confidently lead SHINE classes by the end of training. Questions to ask yourself to determine if you have enough experience: - Can you name at least 5 SHINE tracks? - Do you know the moves to your favourite tracks? - Can you explain what body confident fitness and diet culture are? - Do you know the order of tracks in a HIIT class? A strength class? If you cannot answer those questions, you are not ready for training yet! Keep attending classes and you will get there. If you answered those questions like the back of your hand, you are ready! Stop doubting yourself and just do it!!
          • Can I do training if I'm in school or working?
            Yes! Training will take 8-10 hours and you can do the on demand modules any time or day. During your kickoff call, we will give suggested progress markers to help you pace your training and ensure you aren't leaving everything to the last minute. If you are in the midst of a busy season or final exams, we recommend waiting to do a training when you have the time to set aside to learn these new skills. Training should be FUN, not stressful!
          • How much does training cost?
            Training is $425 CAD plus HST. There are no other certification fees. This gives you: - Access to the CORE FOUR training modules for two weeks (4 hours of video content) - 6 hours of written and practical exercises - Access to training tracks (choreography for your practical exam) - Unlimited certification submissions (most people pass on the first try, but re-submissions are included if needed) - 4 Live Office Hours with Jess Takimoto to ask any questions, review material, or get feedback on your practical exercises - Certification for SHINE Cardio formats (i.e. HIIT, LITE, Supershine, etc) You only need to do the Instructor Training once. Once you are a certified SHINE Instructor, you can apply to certify in additional SHINE formats (i.e. Strength, Bands, CKB, Weights, and any future formats). There is a $50 administrative fee for each additional SHINE format you certify in.
          • How long will I have access to the training videos for?
            FOREVER! Once you are signed up for an instructor membership, you will have access to the CORE FOUR plus all of our Levelling Up trainings. You can watch back any videos, anytime, forever. NOTE: You will have access to the training portal for a month from your training start date. This should give you plenty of time to get trained, certified, and registered as an instructor. Through the instructor portal, you will get access to the training videos.
          • Am I committing to being a full-time SHINE Instructor?
            No! You can absolutely do the training for the experience and start teaching when you're ready. We will never pressure you to do something you don't feel ready for and we are here to support you every single step of the way. However, we are confident that by the time you finish training, you will be ready to ROCK classes and excited to start sharing SHINE with everyone you know (if you haven't already!)
          • Is this a fitness certification?
            Yes. When you become a SHINE Instructor, you will become licensed to teach SHINE group fitness classes. You are fully certified to teach any SHINE formats, as long as you must stick to the choreography and order of tracks. Becoming a SHINE Instructor does not give you the certifications to make up your own choreography or formats. Our choreography and formats are created using exercise science principles by experienced fitness professionals. As a new instructor, you don't have to worry about if your classes are safe are effective - you KNOW they are! You get instant access to a proven formula for fun, challenging, and inclusive classes plus the brand recognition of an established brand when you are starting out.
          • How much does certification cost?
            You do not need to pay to get certified. The cost of certification is included in your one-time training fee. If you do not pass your certification on the first try, that is okay. You have unlimited submissions at no extra cost.
          • Which class formats will I be certified to teach?
            The SHINE Instructor training will teach you how to teach our Classic cardio formats, such as HIIT, LITE, and Supershine. The training tracks are geared towards these formats, and you must start with these formats. From our experience, Cardio classes are the most popular amongst participants, have the most energy, and are the simplest format to start with. Strength, CKB, and formats with equipment are more complicated to teach, and we want you to get teaching experience before adding another format. Once you are a certified SHINE Instructor, you can apply to certify in additional SHINE formats (i.e. Strength, Bands, CKB, Weights, and any future formats). Those will not require separate trainings - you only need to do the SHINE Instructor training once. However, there will be a $50 administrative fee for each additional SHINE format you certify in. Once you are a certified SHINE Instructor, we want you to continue levelling up your skills and teaching new formats to help you grow as an instructor and continually WOW your participants.
          • What fees do I have to pay to be an Instructor?
            The current Instructor Membership fee is $88 CAD plus HST every month ($99 total). This gives you access choreography, training videos, our business software, legal documents (hello, liability waivers), and have the rights to use SHINE logos and branding in your marketing materials. This fee does not change based on the number of formats you are certified to teach. If you get certified to teach Strength, CKB, Bands, Weights, etc, it is all included in your one instructor fee. We have to charge these membership fees to continue giving you the resources to succeed, including our business software. As an instructor, you will get admin access to our website, which allows you to handle all the bookings and payments for independent classes you run. You keep 80% of the revenue collected (20% goes to software and payment processing fees). SHINE will payout your class fees on the first of every month. Unlike other companies that have instructors text participants, collect e-transfers and cash, and show up at a random location, we have extremely high professional standards. To ensure a consistent participant experience, we require any independent classes run to be listed on the SHINE website, where participants can book and pay. As an instructor, all of the admin is done for you - you never have to manually write a booking list or track down people for money, you just focus on what you do best... TEACHING! If this membership fee seems high at first, consider how much money you'll be making as an instructor, and you will see that this fee is peanuts in comparison to what you'll get in return.
          • How do Instructors make money?
            Instructors make money from teaching classes, as well as from affiliate commissions (see the next post). You could teach for a studio/gym, run small meetups with friends, run fundraisers/charity classes, teach for a local community group, or run your own classes outdoors/renting space. Our Instructor Program is geared towards helping you run your own classes, because this gives you ultimate flexibility, as well as the highest earning potential. You set your own rates for classes (we can give you suggestions based on your area and experience), and you keep 80% of revenue. That's an 80% commission, and you don't have to do any administrative work! For example, if you had 15 people in a class and charged $10 each, you would take home $120 for that one class. There are truly no limits to what you can do as an Instructor - SHINE is here to cheer you on and support you along the way.
          • What if nobody comes to my classes?
            Is this fear or reality talking? It sounds like that evil inner bully if you ask us! We are highly selective of the people we allow into our Instructor training program, and will not accept people we don't have 110% confidence in. If you are accepted into this program, it means we know you have the skills, talent, and work ethic to be successful. The Instructor Program is designed to be win-win - we don't win from passively sitting by and allowing you to have empty classes. We are every bit as invested in your success and you are, which means we will do everything we can to coach you through building classes. It takes TIME to build relationships with participants, and for participants to fall in love with SHINE. Full classes don't happen overnight, but empty ones don't either! You have so many people that love and support you, and they will be there for you. Plus, we will give you all our best tools, tips, and tricks to turn that initial support into a lasting community and create a personal brand, market, to keep people coming back again and again for more!
          • What if I live in a remote community?
            If you're worried about training, the Instructor Training can be done 100% remotely and asynchronously. If you're worried about class sizes, not all classes are meant to be 30, 40, or 50 person classes. You can be a very successful SHINE Instructor with small classes. The size of the class doesn't determine the impact you have. In addition to in person classes, you can also run live classes via zoom from your home. These are very easy to setup in our Instructor Dashboard.
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