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Energy Exchange Program


SHINE FIT is a body-positive, anti-diet fitness studio dedicated to ending diet culture and closing the confidence gap. We believe that all women deserve to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Our dance-based athletic training is designed for female clientele in their 20s and 30s, offering an empowering and supportive community. We are located at 4 Charles St. E., Downtown Toronto, one minute away from Yonge & Bloor Station.


Program Overview

The SHINE FIT Energy Exchange Program is an exclusive opportunity for students or any individuals with a keen interest in social media and marketing. This program is more than just a typical fitness studio exchange – it’s a chance to build valuable skills in social media content creation and marketing while improving your fitness and joining a community.


Energy Exchange Details

Imagine receiving high-energy fitness classes in exchange for helping out with social media at one of Toronto's most empowering and fastest growing fitness studios! As a part of the SHINE FIT Energy Exchange Team, you'll enjoy complimentary classes on each shift. Each exchange is a 2 hour block on-site at our studio: the first hour allows you to participate in a SHINE FIT class, and the second hour is dedicated to supporting our social media efforts. You’ll be filming class clips, posting Instagram stories, and drafting engaging content for TikTok and Reels. This is not just an opportunity to start your fitness journey, but also a fantastic way to gain practical experience in social media marketing, all while being immersed in the vibrant SHINE FIT community.


Shift Structure: Work + Workout

  • Duration of Shift: 2 hours

  • Structure of Shift:

    • First Hour: Participate in a SHINE FIT class to stay active and engaged.

    • Second Hour: Assist with social media tasks, including:

      • Filming clips of classes

      • Posting Instagram stories

      • Drafting content for TikTok and Reels

      • Studio tidying may also be requested on occasion (i.e. wiping bathroom counter, quick floor swiffer, tidy trash, move items to lost and found)

    • *** due to scheduling, some shifts are in reverse (work first, workout 2nd)

  • Ideal Commitment: 2 to 3 shifts per week on average, can do more if desired

  • Term Length: Initial one-month trial period. Following the trial, participants can continue in 3 to 4-month increments.

  • Compensation: Gain valuable experience for your résumé and enjoy in-kind compensation of fitness classes, valued at $30 per class.


Why Join Team SHINE?

  • Gain hands-on experience in social media marketing 

  • Work closely with Jess Takimoto, a young female entrepreneur who built a six-figure fitness business right out of university

  • Enhance your resume with practical skills and real-world experience

  • Be part of a supportive, empowering community

Personality Traits We Look For

  • CAMERA LOVER - you enjoy taking videos and pictures of special moments. You’re always the friend that’s asking to take a picture


  • SOCIAL MEDIA OBSESSED - if you spend a liiiiitle too much time keeping up with TikTok trends and sending your friends memes, this is what we love to see


  • CAREER DRIVEN AMBITIOUS GIRLIE - you are a go-getter, a self-starter, and go above and beyond to give your 110% best because that’s just who you are


  • LOVE SHINE - if you have never tried a SHINE class, respectfully, I would not recommend applying for this position (YET). You need to not only have a genuine passion for our brand and mission, but also have a basic understanding of the variety of class formats we offer and how the schedule works  


    • Do this class and immerse yourself in the full first-timer experience. Go be a fly on the wall and have fun! 


Resources Required

  • You may be asked to film on your personal phone from time to time

  • Any posting will be done on the studio phone


Application Process:

Step 1: Prepare Your Practical Application

  1. Come in for an “application class” to film and show us your skills

    1. Use the coupon code “energyexchangeapplicant” at checkout to receive this class on the house. Book here:

  2. At the class, film 2-3 clips of the class on your phone. We are looking for quality here! Make sure they are focused, have good lighting, have an angle that shows how many people are in the class OR a closeup of an instructor/participant. Whenever you’re not filming, you’re welcome to participate in the workout. 

    1. Pro Tip:

      1. Clip 1: closeup of instructor “showing off for the camera” (don’t worry, our instructors loooooove doing this naturally) 

      2. Clip 2: full class doing movements. Extra pro tip: film on the 2nd or 3rd round of a track for the class to be more coordinated

      3. Clip 3: community clip! Capture something fun - high fives, milestone certificate, ask participants a vlog style questions for a reel, etc 

        1. This is where you can really show off, show us your creativity and maken your application standout! 

    2. Please let your instructor know at the beginning of class that you are there for an exergy exchange application class


    1. One “Instagram Story” with a clip of the class, a title/text of the class type and time, and a CTA (either a reaction sticker, link to book, poll or DM response, etc)

    2. One “TikTok”/Reel that fits with our existing branding. Bonus points for creativity. Include a caption and hashtags. 

    3. NOTE: We will be assessing your filming and editing skills. The videos need to be visually appealing with branding that matches our existing stories/posts/reels. If you are unsure of what to do, watch our social media for a few days or screenshot existing videos for inspiration. 


Step 2: Fill Out Written Application + Submit Demo Pieces


Application Deadline: accepted on a rolling basis

Hiring Process: After submitting your application, only successful applicants will be contacted for an interview. Interviews will be conducted in studio only. 

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