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Are you tired of fitness brands and influencers that make you feel insecure, like you're not good enough, and you have to be fit to fit in? We are too.


🙌 We believe that fitness is for everybody.

🎉 You should sweat to feel good, not because you want to "look good".

💙 You exercise to take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health.

At SHINE, we throw traditional fitness metrics to the side. We will never ask about your "fitness goals", give you a nutrition plan, or encourage before and after pictures.


We have one goal: build your confidence.  We want to help you strengthen your inner sense of self worth and believe that you are enough.

Join us in changing the narrative around fitness, body image, mental health, and eating disorders.

Join our mission to

close the confidence gap

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lives changed


Fucsia Background

“Ever since starting SHINE, my mindset toward fitness has changed for the better.


The inclusive foundation and high-energy classes have helped me become the most confident version of myself & have taught me the value of moving my body out of self-love instead of hate.


I wish I found SHINE earlier in my confidence journey!”


- Tamara Fuller

Fucsia Background

"SHINE is more than a workout! It is a supportive community that prioritizes body positivity. 


I used to work out to look different, but now I show up to have fun, be a part of a team, feel confident and to show myself how strong I am!


SHINE doesn’t just teach fitness but also reinforces confidence and I am so thankful that I began participating in their classes! "


- Julia Gutzin 

Fucsia Background

I also hit a personal milestone during your classes - I've never had the confidence to work out in just a sports bra and the community that you've created / your energy and comfort in your own body helped me out SO much - so thank you again!"

- Anonymous


how it started

Hey, it's Jess here! 🙋‍♀️


I'm the Founder of SHINE, recent university grad, full-time entrepreneur, retired dancer, and coffee lover.


I quit competitive dance when I was 16, and I felt so lost. I missed being on a team, activity that was actually fun, and  having an hour of my day where I could burn stress and feel free. 


I joined a gym and soon fell into a spiral of toxic fitness culture. I struggled with confidence, body image issues, disordered eating habits and over-exercising for 5 years - and I don't want anyone else to.

When I found group fitness, I fell in love. I got certified as soon as I turned 18 and started teaching for my university gym. I taught there for 2 years and that's where I developed the SHINE format. 

When I combined the challenging, fun class format with the messages I wish I heard when I was struggling with confidence, SHINE took off! 

I'm so glad you're here & I hope you stick around.

I'm cheering you on!





in our incredible community


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