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fitness for ambitious women

Our members are all shapes, sizes, & colours.

We are proud to be an inclusive fitness environment where you see other bodies that look like yours.





Programmed with the latest exercise science, our classes are designed to maximize results.

No matter what fitness level you're at, we will give you modifications to make each class work for YOU.




Since our foundation in March 2020, we have changed over 1,200 women's lives.

We have developed a proven methodology that transforms your relationship with fitness, for good.




are you ready to TRANSFORM?

6 Week Challenge

Restart for the last time.

If you're struggling with body image, consistency and motivation, this program will transform your relationship with fitness in just 6 weeks.

This is a comprehensive program that includes fitness + mindset + 1:1 accountability.


It is the BEST introductory program for new members - online and in person options available.



over 1,200 Lives Changed

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“Ever since starting SHINE, my mindset toward fitness has changed for the better.


The inclusive foundation and high-energy classes have helped me become the most confident version of myself & have taught me the value of moving my body out of self-love instead of hate.


I wish I found SHINE earlier in my confidence journey!”


- Tamara Fuller

"Before SHINE I was never excited to exercise and my focus after every workout was on whether I looked different and if I pushed myself to my limit each time - and I thought that was how it was supposed to be!


Becoming a part of the SHINE community showed me that you should have FUN while you’re working out and it should be about how you FEEL not about how you look!!


My confidence and strength have improved so much since joining and keep growing with each workout!"


- Abbey Rokeby


"There is absolutely no way that I could fully summarize the impact that SHINE has had on the past six months of my life.


The community of people that I’ve gotten to know through SHINE is absolutely unparalleled, and I have nothing but gratitude for the support that I feel on a daily basis.


My once poor relationship with fitness has grown into a healthier, more sustainable one. And as a person fighting that, to be able to say “I showed up today” at the end of class continues to be one of the biggest wins every single day"


- Kiana Naser


Are you tired of fitness brands and influencers that make you feel insecure, like you're not good enough, and you have to be fit to fit in? We are too.


🙌 We believe that fitness is for everybody.

🎉 You should sweat to feel good, not because you want to "look good".

💙 You exercise to take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health.

At SHINE, we throw traditional fitness metrics to the side. We will never ask about your "fitness goals", give you a nutrition plan, or encourage before and after pictures.


We have one goal: build your confidence.  We want to help you strengthen your inner sense of self worth and believe that you are enough.

Join us in changing the narrative around fitness, body image, mental health, and eating disorders.




  • Dance-Based FUN

  • Designed with exercise science principles by our master trainer

  • Options for all fitness levels

  • Inclusive cueing for all body sizes



  • Learn how to eliminate negative self-talk & self-sabotaging habits

  • Improve your self image so "fitness" is your lifestyle (i.e. never struggle with consistency again) 

  • LIVE support calls 2x/week



  • Monthly community classes + social events

  • Meet like-minded, ambitious + kind women

  • Be in an environment where other people are cheering you on




2 Week Trial

Take it at your own pace.

Looking for fun workouts and an awesome community? 

Get started with our Intro Offers:

  • 3 In Studio Classes for $59 

  • 2 Weeks Unlimited Online $29

Transformation Programs

Structured curriculum & results-driven accountability.

Our signature programs include 6 Week Challenge and Year of Change program.

These tailored, high-level programs are designed for the ambitious woman who wants to transform her life and make a permanent lifestyle change. 

1:1 Coaching

Work directly with our Owner & Head Coach, Jess Takimoto.

If you're a career-driven woman looking for 1:1 support and a custom plan, book a consultation to see if we're a good fit to work together.

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