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1:1 Fitness Coaching

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Meet your new favourite fitness coach...

I'm Jess!
I healed my 5+ year toxic relationship with fitness, and I teach you to do the same.

Entrepreneur, content creator, and fitness studio owner helping you ditch diet culture and transform your confidence.

I'm a full time entrepreneur and proud cat mom living downtown Toronto, Canada. I have over a decade of coaching experience, and have been a fitness professional fro the past 5 years. I founded SHINE in the beginning of the pandemic, and have transformed over 1,000 lives to date. I have won numerous fitness awards and grants, including from Queen's University and Desjardins, All of SHINE's programs are currently accepting new members. When I'm not teaching or running the business-side of SHINE, you can find me reading, making TikToks or cuddling my cat Archie. If you've read this far, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get all the updates!

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