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shine instructor APPLICATION

Interested in bringing SHINE to your community? Want to host in person classes? Want to get to know other SHINE diehards like yourself?


You're doing it! 

Application Checklist:

✅  Read through and understand how the training process works

Make sure you have the time to do all the training properly during the set dates

✅  Record application video

You can have the video of Jess playing on a separate device while you film yourself if that makes you more comfortable - we are assessing form, musicality, and energy NOT your ability to memorize.


Please make sure your whole body is in the camera frame, but don't worry about professional filming or lighting. Recording on your phone is more than sufficient. 

✅  Fill out written application

We want to see that SHINE is more to you than a way to make some side cash or win a popularity contest. We are looking for people who have had a personal transformation because of SHINE, past leadership experience, and a genuine interest in helping others.

NOTE: We strongly recommend writing your answers in a Word/Google Doc and saving them to your computer, then copying and pasting them into this form.

✅  Wait to hear back about your application status.

We will contact both successful and unsuccessful applicants. If you are unsuccessful, you will be given feedback and are welcome to re-apply at a future date.


We are so excited to find the next cohort of leaders to grow our incredible body confident fitness community.

Best of luck and we can't wait to see you in training! 

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