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6 Week Challenge

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Welcome to the SHINE FIT 6 Week Challenge. This is a transformational group coaching program designed to help you build a healthy relationship with fitness, be accountable to your goals, and LOVE your body. WORKOUT STRUCTURE -> 4 Sessions/Week - you ware following a 2+2 workout split. The goal is to do 2 strength classes, and 2 cardio classes each week (just like the livestream). However, is some weeks you end up with 3 cardio/1 strength or 1 cardio/3 strength, that's also fine. Do NOT do all cardio or all strength; you need a MIX of both for a healthy and balanced workout routine. -> Optional: 1 active recovery day - get outside and do something active (i.e. walking, biking, going to park, etc) -> Mandatory: 1 rest day. Each week you need to take at least 1 full rest day! MINDSET -> You have 1 mindset training to complete each week. This video is pre-recorded and should take 10-20min. -> Daily mindset work (10min): journal, meditate, write affirmations, read, listen to a podcast, or do something to level up your mind. ACCOUNTABILITY 1. Every week you will complete a weekly check in survey that goes through what sessions and mindset training you did, as well as wins, learnings, and goals for next week. 2. Message your coach - you can message your coach with anything you want to share privately and they will answer within 1 business day. 3. Community group - please share your wins and sweaty selfies in the community group; the more the better!! If you have any questions or need any modifications, ask your coach!

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