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What is a Brand Ambassador?

A SHINE Brand Ambassador is a SUPERSTAR member of our community, that has shown above and beyond love, respect, and understanding of the SHINE brand and values, and wanted to take their role in the SHINE community to the next level!


Our ambassadors demonstrate what it means to be a leader in the SHINE community, and help other new members of our community feel welcomed, on and offline! All of our ambassadors are active on social media, and can help answer any basic questions you may have about joining SHINE, and are always willing to share their story!


Want to learn more about an ambassador? DM one of our ambassadors on Instagram!

Meet our Ambassadors 


Kiana Naser

IG: @kiananaser

Ambassador since April 2021

  • Instagram

Anna Brabender

IG: @wellnesswithannab

Ambassador since January 2021

  • Instagram

Maya Morris

IG: @movewith_maya

Ambassador since April 2021

  • Instagram

Zoe Chivers

IG: @sweat.with.zo

Ambassador since January 2021

  • Instagram

Abbey Rokeby

IG: @active_with_abs

Ambassador since April 2021

  • Instagram

Megan Fleming

IG: @bloom.with.meg

Ambassador since April 2021

  • Instagram

Cali Dickson
IG: @calis_corner_
Ambassador since July 2021

  • Instagram

Kailee Cherewka
IG: @fittness.kails
Ambassador since July 2021

  • Instagram

Katie Pound
IG: @kickinitwithp
Ambassador since July 2021

  • Instagram

Emily Pilcher
IG: @everydaywithemilyy
Ambassador since July 2021

  • Instagram

Julia Gutzin

IG: @healthwith_ju

Ambassador since April 2021

  • Instagram

Who Can Be a Brand Ambassador?

This program is for you if:

  • You live and breathe SHINE Values (respect, inclusivity, dedication, drive, commitment, team atmosphere, and of course… FUN!)

  • You have a unique, personal SHINE Story about how SHINE has changed your life – specifically relating to confidence, positive body image, community, mental health, or good eating habits

  • You love meeting others & pushing yourself out of your comfort zone

  • You have an existing social media presence with class content (or are willing to create one) – whether on a personal account or a separate Fitness account

  • You want to be more involved as a leader in the SHINE community, without the responsibility of a paid job but

  • You are always up for a challenge

This program is not for you if:

  • You are not a heavy social media user and you don’t like sharing pictures or videos of yourself

  • You LOVE being a participant and all you want to do is show up to class, zone in, sweat it out, and move on with your day

  • You already have many work or extra-curricular commitments on your plate


Being an ambassador is a COMMITMENT and if being an Ambassador isn’t for you, that doesn’t mean we don’t love you hard & value you as part of the SHINE community!

Hear from our ambassador, Zoe, about her favourite part of being in the SHINE community! 

Read what Kate has to say about the

Ambassador Program!

"Being a part of the ambassador program has allowed me an opportunity to connect to a smaller shine community within the big community! I love that the program allows me to collaborate with like-minded people while working together to cheer everyone on! If you are looking for a way to get more involved with SHINE I 100% recommend this program! You absolutely will not regret it :)"

- Kate Rochon


A post class sweaty selfie from Kate!

Interested in joining #TEAMSHINE?

Interested in Becoming a Brand Ambassador? 


  • Have already been an active member in the SHINE community for at least 3-4 months

    • I.e. participated in challenges, active engagement (aka a “cheerleader”) on SHINE posts, instructor posts, and getting to know other members of the community

  • You consistently attend class 4-5 times/week

  • You understand what SHINE is, what we stand for, and how someone else can join

  • Basic understanding of website, product/service offerings, pricing, and can walk someone through how to sign up


  • 1-3 hour time commitment in addition to attending class (~ 3-5 hours/week) = 6-8 hours/week total

  • Post sweaty selfies, videos from class, stories, etc. on a regular basis (recommended: 3-5 times/week)

  • Adhere to SHINE Brand (will be given more detailed guidelines upon acceptance into program) – i.e. no transformation pics, “fitness goal” progress, diet culture, etc.

Check out the SHINE Brand Ambassador Application below.

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