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shine instructor certification

Interested in bringing SHINE to your community? Want to host in person classes? Want to get to know other SHINE diehards like yourself?


You're in the right place🥰 

If you are a:
✅  Natural leader
✅  Go-getter
✅  Great at planning events
✅  Great at building relationships / socializing
✅  Love teaching & inspiring others 
✅  Looking for a side-hustle to learn new skills, help others, and make some extra $$$
✅  Comfortable sharing on social media
✅  BLEED SHINE & ready to take it to the next level



1. Apply to be a SHINE instructor (written & video)
2. If accepted, sign up for a training (combo of on demand & live)
3. Pass your SHINE certification tests (written & practical)
4. Join an ongoing instructor membership to access choreography, brand rights, and our business software to manage bookings and payments

You will have the freedom to teach where & whenever you want. You could teach for a studio/gym, run small meetups with friends, run fundraisers/charity classes, teach for a local community group, or run your own classes outdoors/renting space. There are truly no limits to what you can do as an Instructor - SHINE is here to cheer you on and support you along the way. 


Our inaugural Instructor Training is happening in June 2022.

Please see our application page for the registration and training dates.


want to Turn your love for shine into a side hustle?

Start your own business & be your own boss! With your Instructor Dashboard, we will give you all the tools & tech to make running your own classes a breeze.


Whether you want to run classes regularly, just for the summer, or one-off events/fundraisers, participants can book and pay directly from your own personal link on the SHINE website. You get paid all the money you earn from classes and the affiliate program on the first of every month.

Got another question?


Feel free to DM our Founder Jess directly on Instagram at @jesstakimotofitness.

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