Zoom schedule

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How do zooms work?

Live Zoom classes are held 12-16x/month and are included in all our community memberships and free trial.



  • You must book your spot to get the link emailed to you. BOOK HERE

  • Please book at least 30min in advance to make sure you get the link in time.

  • You will get a confirmation email when you book. If you don't, you didn't book properly.

  • If you don't see the link, check your junk mail.

  • You can book up to 7 days in advance so book all your spots at once for the week.

  • Occasionally, there are free community zooms or paid drop ins available. 


The schedule is posted monthly with the class types. In a typical week, there are 2 cardio and 2 strength classes to align with the SHINE Formula.


All classes are listed as "live zoom class" on the bookings page. This is because we switch the class formats (i.e. there are different types of cardio and strength classes, and sometimes special edition combo formats). Check back to these schedules to see what's coming up this month. 


Send us a DM on Instagram or email us at info@shinefit.co

Old School

Prefer to have a calendar printed out? Download this image and print it off.

Note: if there is a last-minute change to format, it will not show here.